30 May 2007

Just one more big puff...

What has everybody got?

Feet, right?

What does everybody want their feet to become?


Well, check this. I is going to use the intranet, and I is going to do it on wwf.slippers.com.

Not my concept, granted. It's Ali G's.

But though said in jest, for those of us that have been in this buisness since late last century; for those for whom this logo sends us into cold sweats, it was something (or similar) we heard all too often from the barely fully-toothed mouths of the arrogant arses that thought they could attract millions of pounds of venture capital funding by slipping a simple ".com" after any consumer product and establish a company worth, well, even more millions. And the really stupid thing was, they could!

For a while at least. Until it all went to shite.

Odd thing is though, I haven't just dusted that First Tuesday logo down from a long-forgotten hard drive. Oh no, it arrived in my email inbox yesterday. Along with these words:

"Remember us? We certainly remember you. Please don't tell anyone we sent you this email...

"Are you in? . . . as a former highly valued patron we would like to invite you to our secret launching event in London after the summer but first we would like to ask you to please reply a blank email to this address to confirm that you are still interested in hearing from us. If you prefer us to send information to another email address, just write that in your reply."

Christ, it's back. Which means the bubble's close to bursting.

Though that "Please don't tell anyone we sent you this email..." seems a little too keen to me, don't you think? Like they'd really like you to tell someone that they sent you this email...like they want to create a little buzz.

Happy to help. The sooner we get this over with, the better.


SpiderJ said...

"as a former highly valued patron"

Does that mean you were highly valued, but now they couldn't care less about you?

I presume they meant 'highly valued former patron'?

Then again, maybe the original version is more honest?


P.S. sorry, spent most of the day having to edit some awful writing - anyone know where I can find an infinite number of monkeys with their own typewriters?

P.P.S. - check out their web-site... they've got a hanging HTML tag: "/body" - maybe they can facilitate an IT-entrepreneur or inventor who can sort that out for them.

P.P.P.S - what's a 'launching' event? Does it involve Saturn rockets or something?

PaulW said...

Yes! A chance to resurrect all of those long lost .com ideas that I missed out on last time.

"Order vegetables, on your mobile!"

"Specialised racquet-based gay porn"

"Fuck knows, but I'd better register the domain and shoehorn some whacko idea of a business into it before someone else does"

Seriously though, I'm stuggling to see a role for First Tuesday in this new age of 'rationale decision making' and 'due dilligence on business planning'.

Perhaps the popularity of shows such as "Dragon's Den" and "The Apprentice" have re-kindled a desire for this sort of venture? Or have we all just missed free cocktails in posh bars and a chance to get rid of that extra box of business cards you never quite get through between job moves/office moves/redundancy?

Still, full marks for bouncebackability

figgis said...

Nice array of typos in the email...bodes well...

adrian wheeler said...

What they are actually saying is that THEY are a formerly highly-valued patron.

English O-Levels, anyone?

Justin Hayward said...

looks like it's time to resurrect my erstwhile site, www.dotcomsreunited.com

Ben Schmark said...

You cynics.

Some people just don't get the visionary thing do they?*

Hey, what's your Avatar's star sign?

* That's a real quote, used on me by a PR GlamBot only yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean we can look forward to seeing fittie Julie Meyer in NMA again every week?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous with the hots on Julie Meyer - you're my old boss aren't you, he fancied the pants off her...I claim my £5!