21 September 2006

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…

Isn’t it a pain when you go to a party and someone else is there in exactly the same outfit? You just have to laugh at the coincidence as the prickly heat of humiliation creeps up your neck.

But how about when you arrange a party and someone upstairs is having a much better party at the same time? I wonder how that feels?

Well, you could ask Edelman client dotMobi, which no doubt thought itself the height of cool in organising a press party last night at London’s Century Club, only to discover that upstairs a certain Mrs Gordon Ramsey was celebrating something or other (her reflected glory?) with all of her hubby’s celebrity mates.

We’re told that more than one person decided to duck out of DotMobi’s dull do and sneak their way into the Ramsey love-in…and were surprised to see one particular celebrity getting stuck in while his colleague and mate was battling for his life in a Leeds hospital.

Yes, that’s right…only hours after telling the BBC – apparently from close to Dickie Hammond's bedside – that Hammond and his family were "the most important concerns we have", Clarkson clearly found himself rather more concerned with the canapés, bubbly and what ever else was on offer at the Century Club (Top Gear?).


Stephen Davies said...

Call me biased mate but word on the street is it was a success.

....the world's leading.... said...

What street's that on? Haymarket?

Anyway, you're biased.