04 September 2006

One hump or two..?

As regular viewers will know, every now and then we like to bring you news of people and organisations claiming to be "the world's leading" in whichever particular niche they've carved out for themselves...or some cunning PR has carved out for them. Sometimes, we do discover the hen's tooth of a proper world's leading (remember the world's leading sparrow expert?).

While this morning's find might indeed be a true world's leading, it does seem to be one of those that's operating in such a small and specialist area that by default it is the global authority. We give you:

"CVRL, the world's leading camel milk research institute."

You'll be delighted to hear, I'm sure, that "after 20 years of intensive scientific research" CVRL (which is based in Dubai...well it wouldn't be much use to be based in Cambridge, would it?) is launching its first camel milk product which is called...wait for it...Camelicious ®. An inspired piece of product naming, we're sure you'll agree.

How long can it be before we have Laughing Camel Cheese Triangles and I Can't Believe It's Not Camel?


Anonymous said...

it will never catch on. when I were a lad, we always used to believe Camel cigarettes were made with camel dung...

Kasteera said...

You mean they weren't?