15 September 2006

New series of Extras...

Not the Ricky Gervais one...no, this is much funnier.

You know the job of the PR...always work behind the scenes, never become part of the story. Not if you work in Edelman's tech team, apparently.

If you watch this issue of the BBC's Click Online - a piece about mobile internet - and can bear to bear to suffer the unoriginal ramblings of a number of 'industry experts' - then you'll also be able to pick out half of the Edelman techies acting as extras in the piece.

See that fella at the bus stop fiddling with his mobile? That's Gareth Davies, that is (he's looking a bit pensive, isn't he? Maybe he's just pissed all over the floor...yes, that's the one). Her on the park bench? Sasha Manners...Gareth again...then strolling past is ex-Microsoft press centre stalwart Georgina Hart.

Before you go rushing off to Haymarket CV in hand, however, the foxy young thing that looks like she's sitting in front of Brighton's Royal Pavilion isn't one of the Edelman team. Sorry. But the one on the bus is! She's Polly Fegen.

Apparently, though, there was a bit of a screw up during filming. They'd lined up mobile internet guru Guy Goma to speak...and guess who turned up and nicked his lunch? Only that fraud Kewney.

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