25 September 2006

Web 0.9...

Back when TWL was a mere nipper, we posted about the seemingly endless wait for the new website from Inferno PR. That was four months ago, and the holding page had been up for a good few months by then...so it's fair to say that it's been a year or so since Inferno has had a web presence.

Well, worry not, my little chickadees, the wait is over! Late last week the new Inferno PR website appeared. And, we'll sure you'll agree, it's been worth the wait....and the need for such and extraordinary development time is clear to see.

There's the flashy, umm, animations at the...ah, oh no, there isn't, is there? Well, what about the funky streamed, erm, videoy thingamy...no, that's not there either, is it? Well, at least there must be a blog...everyone's got a blog these days, haven't they? Here it is...no...over here then...nope, can't see it there...here? Oh.

Maybe it's a retro website? Or, given the colour, possibly just budget?

Perhaps Inferno should've had a chat with newly-independent of sister-agency Bite Bullet Online? PR Week tells us that Bullet MD Alex Shaw has undertaken a one-man MBO of "three-strong Bullet" (which, after five years plus of operations seems a little, umm, 'under achieving') and that the company "expects to work with PR agencies outside Bite's parent company Next Fifteen." Shaw says that he and his team are "champing at the bit".

Looking at his picture, he's certainly been champing at something.

Shaw here, pies gone


Abe said...

PR Week looks like they could do with a hand as well:


Anonymous said...

I do wonder how they get any work done at Inferno - surrounded as they are by all the construction work going on with the White City shopping centre development - surely Network House is going to have to be flattened some time soon to make way for the 3,000 space car park?

Anonymous said...

Bit of a long winded way of accusing someone of being a fatty.

Anonymous said...

"hmmmm, our name is 'Inferno' - I know, let's have a 'fire' theme...no-one will be expecting that..."

Anonymous said...

"Bit of a long winded way of accusing someone of being a fatty."

good punchline in fairness