12 June 2007

Anonymous bloggers...tsk...

Couple of new(ish) blogs have come to my attention of late - both anonymous...naughty people - and they look quite promising.

Well, I say that. The Friendly Ghost was looking good until he published an entirely flawed league table of PR blogs that only sees TWL languishing down in 39th position..!

Have a look at your stats, my spooky buddy, and tell me that TWL's only the 39th best blog in the PR world. Go on, go on.

That load of old tosh aside, I'm quite liking the blog.

The other one is called The Spud Gun (with the lovely strapline..."It's a gun that fires spuds")and I'm liking it 'cause it's mentioned us a few times. Nice work.

Given this mention...

"…The World’s Leading… has provided a fine service to all of us in tech PR in the UK over the years - in fact TWL has been there all the while that I’ve been in UK PR - and looks set to move up a gear or two in the not too distant…"

...it's obviously written by someone new to the industry. Equally obviously, they've got a decent brain in that pretty little head of theirs (I'm making an assumption).

Welcome one and all. Don't fuck up.


Stephen said...

Over the years?

Why, TWL is still a baby.

Spud said...

Why TWL, "a decent brain in that pretty little head of theirs"? you are lovely.

Thanks for the nod, and good luck to the Ghost too, on effort he's beaten all of us!

Promise to try not to fuck up, at least not straight away

Anonymous said...

Spud Gun is one of the worst, that is to say not the best, by some way, if you like, written, that is to say typed, pieces of blogging I have ever, that is to say in the past few years, ever read, that is to say, seen on my computer screen, if you like.

spud said...

Anon - you'd prefer fewer words?

Friendly Ghost said...

Big up to Spud Gun. It's a gun that fires spuds.

As for my table, well it was an effort to understand how the Power150 - and its derivative, the top 250 blogs about blogging - worked, but applied purely to the PR blogs on my blogroll.

I think it showed that really, there is *no* table that will totally accurately represent even popularity, let alone influence. It wasn't meant to give offence!

I do have plans to change it, looking at other possible metrics, and maybe moving out of the Power150's 'space' and looking at copywriting instead, my main discipline.

As for the anonymity issue, that's simply so that I can post whatever I please without anyone - mostly my employer - getting wind of it! Plus it adds that certain element of mystery that drives people wild.

But don't worry. I'm friendly. And a ghost.

Ian Green said...

Spud Gun is a top bloke and makes a lot of sense. My main concern is that Spud can be attacked by some anonymous tosser who wont stand up and say who he is.
If you want to engage in the conversation - please reveal your self

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of clauses in the Spud's sentences and it does ramble on a bit which unfortunately obscures the point of the post - which may well be excellent.

Perhaps in the world of PR such things (as outlined above) are so commonplace, that is to say regular (if you like), that nobody, let's say, even notices it any more.

Perhaps it's all about the word count.

And speaking of things which have become institutionalised, why the immediate assumption that somebody posting on this blog must be male? Re: "tosser who wont [sic] stand up and say who he is"

Did somebody say 'inherent sexism'?

(ps. Not really sure a criticism of somebody's writing style counts as an "attack" - it certainly didn't include playground taunts such as "tosser". But either way, it sounds like the Spud might be "top bloke" enough to cope with such a 'savaging'. However, apologies Spud if any genuine offence was caused.)

Anonymous said...

Hang on a minute, isn't the Spud blogging anonymously?? So what's Ian Green getting so defensive about?

As Ian himself puts it: "If you want to engage in the conversation - please reveal yourself."

Why should posters not remain anonymous while the very bloggers they comment on are doing the same?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Anonymous... Spud needs to find the full stop button a bit more often (if he knows where to find it (that is)), and a few less sub-clauses - which sort of make it hard to read (in a rather long rambling way), and maybe (just maybe) use less brackets (and even brackets (within) brackets).

Spud said...

Anon - No offence taken. "Each to their own" is my, kind of (sort of) motto type thing,(or something like that.)

I think we might be talking about degrees of anonymity here. Yes the spud is anonymous, but you still know where to find him, right? Spudgun is a young blog for now, but the spud's personality will become more apparent with each post and you'll have an idea of what the spud is all about. Not really that anonymous after all.

Anon, on the other hand, is and remains completely and utterly anon.

Seems to me most that anonymous commenters (present company excluded) are the least valuable contributors to these debates - either using anonimity to let rip with abuse, or not bothering to to make an effort as you don't get any credit for it in any case maybe?

Why not just make up a name? at least we'll be able to tell how many different anons we're in conversation with...

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a different Anon from the other Anon... if that helps? :-)