27 June 2007

We’re very green, as in, naïve….

Imagine. You’re an IT company pushing the green benefits of your new super-duper carbon footprint friendly data centres. You have a particularly cool example, in Nice.

As you’ve run out of strategically shaved monkeys, you bring in H&K to work out how to ‘leverage’ this amazing opportunity.

The PR alchemy process concludes:

Target environmentally conscious IT journalists
Invite them to view the data centre first hand
And offer a face-to-face interview with a senior (US based) HP executive

That’s a lot of plane trips to celebrate something that’s billed as eco-friendly. An irony that more than one journo picked up on.

Would love to be a fly on the wall during the "how do we build awareness around HP video conferencing technology" brainstorm….


Andrew Smith said...

Perhaps they ought to have asked the journalists to cycle to Nice. And back.

Anonymous said...

The relentless stream of green guff that emanates from PR departments these days is enough to make me want to buy a Range Rover. FFS - the whole green thing is a con, and one that will - as a topical issue - burn itself out before long. Stick to relevant and brand / product related campaigns instead of all this socially responsible carbon emissions bullshit.

SpiderJ said...

"and one that will... burn itself out before long"

Is that a subconscious reference to global warming?


Jacko said...

Whilst the story is indeed highly amusing, it would be even better had you got your facts right. H&K hasn't represented HP's TSG division (the bit that looks after data centres) for 18 months. I think the monkeys you refer to are those at Burson Marsteller...