19 June 2007

Look at this pair of cobbler's shoes...rubbish, aren't they..?

I've just seen my favourite press release of the month so far...and the beauty is that it's a release about a PR agency.

It caught my eye as the subject is Judy Wilks, one of the founding team of Bite and, for the past few years, a member of Bite's senior management team in the US. She's joining Atomic Public Relations as senior president of vice (or something).

Check out the headline:

Atomic Public Relations Announces Strategic Decision to Do More of What It Has Been Doing

The first line of the release reiterates the point:

"Atomic Public Relations, an alternative PR energy source for technology-related companies, today announced plans to carry on doing exactly what it has been doing – only more of it."

Oh my good Lord. It continues...

"As part of its ongoing commitment, Atomic will continue to apply science to the communications process in order to sharpen strategy, enhance creative thinking and deliver better results. It will also continue to push the boundaries of PR and challenge accepted wisdom."

There's really nothing to say here, is there?

According to David Allen Ibsen, "founder and principal of marketing consultancy 5 Meetings Before Lunch, and Webby Award-winning marketing blogger," Wilks will be:

“a great horizontal addition to Atomic’s senior executive team."

"Horizontal"? Sounds a bit dodgy to us. Judy herself says:

"There’s a fair bit of mystique around Atomic Public Relations...I was immediately attracted by the agency’s mix of strategic-ness, clever creative instincts and real IT smarts, not to mention its uncompromising pursuit of ‘better.’”

"Strategic-ness"? "Uncompromising pursuit of 'better'"?

Andy Getsey, co-founder and managing director of Atomic Public Relations, sums it up for us:

“Atomic is an agency unusually devoted to change, but only change for the better. Judy’s a kindred spirit [and will help] maintain our own particular cultural mojo."

Far out.


Anonymous said...

Oh christ! What bollox!

Ben Schmark said...

I like the fact that they make 'ongoing commitments'. There's nothing worse than people who make off-going commitments. And let's not even mention those short sighted luddites who make backward going commitments. But we all know who they are, don't we, Andrew Smith!

Better still, Atomic is only going to make changes for the better.
That's a brilliant, brilliant paradigm shift.
There we all were, stuck in the habit of making changes for the worst, and along comes this blue sky thinker, this maverick creative genius, who says "hey, guys, let me run this past you. Let's make changes, yeah, but only for the better."
Of course, I imagine she was laughed out of Bite for that suggestion. Visionaries are often persecuted.

But, by crikey, she stuck to her guns, and thank god she's found someone brave enough to stick by her revolutionary ideas, someone who gets 'visionary thing' and can help her create a better world.

Not just for her, not just for everyone in the PR community, but for all of us. And our children. And our children's children!

Anonymous said...

...alternatively, it might be a yank with a sense of irony. Granted there aren't many, but there are some, nonetheless...

Andrew Smith said...

>>And let's not even mention those short sighted luddites who make backward going commitments. But we all know who they are, don't we, Andrew Smith!<<

I'm sure I should know what you're talking about - but help an old man out here, eh?

Ben Schmark said...

Put it this way, Andrew. How often have you displayed the veracity of your cultural mojo?

Anonymous said...

fyi Judy left Bite almost a year ago

....the world's leading.... said...

Been off finding her mojo, I presume?

Anonymous said...

Well, she got her mojo workin', but it jus' don't work on you

Anonymous said...

I'll go with yank with a sense of irony