04 June 2007

Ex-Moto blog fest...

It appears that the first thing you have to do when leaving Motorola's PR operation...as many seem to be doing...is set up a blog.

Most recent leaver Mark Durrant regales us with any number of humourous insights and witty anecdotes about his forthcoming move to Helsinki (where he's soon to start a new job for Nokia) in his blog Finn Mark...but his former colleague Chris Bignell is currently positioning himself as leader in the ex-Moto-PR-team-king-of-content-in-new-blogs niche.

Bignell sets expectations with his month-old blog, AWEEKISALONGTIME (yes, all one word and all upper case, please) as he only posts once a week and, so far, has managed to keep to his word (unlike some). And boy, does he make the most of that one post each week..? Oh yes.

Here are some of the highlights:

"I decided to clean out the barbecue with the garden vacuum…"

"Does anyone know how to stop a cat from “poo-ing” in the garden?"

"I can hear you saying “life is too short” but it is always the little things huh?"

"I was going to blog about allergies and the benefits of a wheat and dairy free diet but that will have to wait till next week"

"Redbush tea...I cannot get enough of this stuff at the moment. There must be something very soothing in it because it is really doing it for me."

"Co-codamol: Ok I found these yesterday, left over from when I was really ill after having my wisdom teeth out but I have never known a pain killer like these – 10 minutes after using them I was feeling good."

"I have a bucket outside my back door that had weeds in it from last weekend when we spent some time sorting out the garden. On Saturday it had weeds and nothing else in it. As I write this on Monday evening, it now has six inches of rain in it too. This was a very visual reminder to me of exactly how much it had persistently rained in the UK over this Bank Holiday weekend."

I don't know Bignell, but I'm building a picture of a man who works himself into a frenzy of barbecue cleaning and cat worrying...brings himself down with some herbal team and powerful painkillers...only to slip into a vegetative state of gazing at weed-filled buckets.

Still, his new business should give him something to focus on. It's a PR company called XL Comunications. It's not terribly easy to find online as there's already an XL Communications...oh, and another...and another.

Best of luck with that, Chris. And those pesky cats.


Anonymous said...

best way to stop a cat taking a dump in the garden is to give it some of that cocodamol - guaranteed to keep you off the bog for a week....

Anonymous said...

I want a PR agency that quite literally excels at communications, but where to find one. Also don't forget Excel Communications.

Anonymous said...

having been bruised by the moto pitch process last year - and reports are leaking out that even the winners of it have earned next to nothing from it so i'm not the only one - i am pleased not have wasted a year dealing with this giant intellect as a client.

aweekisalongtime. but lifeistooshort.

Fever Dog said...

Sounds like he needs a cat of his own. It would keep the other cats out, accompany him when hoovering the BBQ and provide Zen like peace when he's basking in the co-codamol buzz. But then, with the cat anecdotes too, he might end up needing to update more than once a week.

Anonymous said...

I see Excel Comms is so good it cannot add a link to its website or use Google to up its own rankings - pants placement guys

Anonymous said...

Surely that leaves no one managing or directing either Motorola's UK or EMEA PR? I'm sure we'll all shed a tear for this PR vacuum and the brand's potential demise.

....the world's leading.... said...

Don't worry. They sent that bloke up Everest...Moto's PR is clearly in rude health.

Anonymous said...

As much as I love this site, I've got to say TWL don't you think it's a bit rich to be poking fun at someone else's blog when you've not got the balls to put your own name to yours..?

And yes I'm fully aware of the irony in me posting this comment anonymously..

....the world's leading.... said...

Possibly. Sometimes I'm consumed by guilt. But usually I'm OK with it.