13 June 2007

Where’s the challenge in Burberry..?

If anyone thinks that Leslie Dance faces a challenge in turning around the perception of Burberry in Wales, it is child’s play compared with what Donna Black has to do.

Donna is the PR person for Visit Scotland. For the three days a year when it’s sunny, Scotland can be quite a nice place to go for a long weekend (the rural bits, obviously, not the towns).

Other than that, Scotland only really finds itself in the news when there are rankings of some kind. Invariably, it seems, Scotland is at the bottom.

A couple of days ago Scotland won the not-at-all coveted title of ‘worst small country.’ It’s all the funnier that the research was commissioned by the Scottish arm of the Federation of Small Business. Surely the PR person’s counsel should have been “burn it” as opposed to “send it to the BBC”?

And before TWL is accused of simplistic Jock-bashing, pop ‘Scotland’ and ‘worst’ into Google and see the results. Here are some of our favourites:

Worst for life expectancy
Worst for asthma
Worst for sexual health
Worst for attacks on police
Worst teeth
Worst for post office closures

Crikey, the country even produced a fella called William Topaz McGonagall, revered as 'The World's Worst Poet...'

Find out why Scotland is so horribly bad, by downloading the official report

PS - In the interests of balance, we did put 'England' and 'worst' into Google...inevitably the top result was a book about England's worst footballers. I say 'book'...rather more a sixteen volume encyclopedia, I suspect...


Ben Schmark said...

I can't believe you've dissed Scotland.

Beware the wrath of Andrew Smith!

I can see a dispute starting.

....the world's leading.... said...

I reckon Smithy's from the Sean Connery school of Scottishness...loves the place, very proud, but wouldn't want to live there.

Andrew Smith said...

To paraphrase a Victoria Wood sketch:

"I love Scotland, I'm passionate about Scotland, etc"

"Where do you live?"