06 June 2007

Fight, fight, fight, fight….

If TWL has been a bit light of late, it’s Sally Whittle’s fault.

In a post that had a faint whiff of mountains being made from molehills for the sake of new content, Sally accused the TWL and Fullrun of playground bullying with the Flackenhacks.

The original roasting left TWL feeling as though it had been savaged by a deep sheep (which, incidentally, is preferable to being ravaged by one).

The post is worth a read, but it’s the vicious string of comments that provides the fun. First up is:

“I agree. Shameless and cowardly bullying. It would be like someone using her blog to attack people and make snide and petty comments but not having the guts to name the people shes [sic] sniping at.”

From there on in, Sally does battle with all-comers in a manner that wouldn’t be out of place in Pirates of the Caribbean.

There are some impressive highlights including a hack who has posted his photo and profile on a swinger's website, TWL being called not just “petty, personal and vindictive,” but also “despicable, shallow and pathetic,” and a troll called PJ who reckons Sally suffers from “flip-flopism” (which is neither a shoe fetish or brewer’s droop). And it all ends up with a funny joke about Santa. Magic….


Anonymous said...

Perhaps she is worried that her husband might win the most obnoxious journalist prize.

sally said...

ex-husband, i think you'll find (either that, or my lawyer owes me a refund...)

Anonymous said...

'Deep Sheep' - is that a sheep with a complex personality...??

Anonymous said...

Without doubt that was one of the most dull and pointless debates I've read in a long time.

IMHO, TWL comes off a with a small bruising, but nothing serious, but Sally sounds very shrill. As TWL said... need to go dig up a sense of humour (which rises above Father Christmas gags)

Rambletripe said...

Well I read through lots of the stuff and to be honest take the award category in the spirit it is meant.

But to be honest a lot of hacks are not shy about letting PRs know when they are displeased (or your client) and more than a few of them can be down right vindictive.

Every agency I have worked in has at least one story about someone being reduced to tears by a journo (normally the same name crops up).

And I've yet to work in an agency that doesn't have a least one Barry Fox story.....