13 June 2007

A year's a long time in telecoms...

2006 at the World Communication Awards:

"BT was delighted to win 2006 Best New Service award for BT Fusion. BT Fusion is the world's first truly converged service that offers customers a host of new benefits and great value calls. But what's even more important is that consumers and the industry are also starting to realise the benefits fixed mobile convergence can bring," said Steve Andrews, Chief of Mobility and Convergence, BT Group

2007 in The Times:

BT conceded yesterday that it had made mistakes with a flagship mobile service, as it emerged that the product has amassed just 40,000 customers in two years.

BT Fusion – a combined fixed and mobile phone – was supposed to reinvigorate BT’s mobile offering and contribute to BT’s growth. However, just 40,000 people have signed up.

Steve Andrews, head of BT Mobility, admitted that take-up of the product, which uses wi-fi technology, had been set back by the timing of the launch.

“There was a lack of wi-fi devices as early as we would have liked them,” he said.

The advertising for the product could also have been clearer, Mr Andews added. Overall, Mr Andrews insisted that he was “happy” with the 40,000 take-up.

Analysts said that the figure was weak. James Barford, of Enders Analysis, said: “This is clearly not a large number in the context of a UK mobile market which has around 70 million mobile subscribers.”

From gong, to going, going, gone...


Ben Schmark said...

So why did they win an award then?

Was it something to do with their advertising budget?

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine couldn't get her BT Fusion mobile to work the first time she took it abroad, because of a cock-up in enabling international roaming. She's a telecoms journalist and was attending a telecoms conference. Clever BT.