21 June 2007

"Mobiles not very important"...says Carphone Warehouse...

...sort of.

I've just been reading this story on The Reg...the headline of "Teenagers prefer mobiles to sex" attracted my attention.

It's about the Carphone Warehouse's Mobile Life survey, announced today. The full press release can be seen here.

If I'm reading it right, while The Reg's headline is kind of accurate - in that in the 16-24 year old age group (so not entirely made up of teenagers), the majority of respondents stated that they'd least like to give up their mobiles over sex, chocolate, alcohol or tea and coffee - it doesn't quite tell the whole story.

In fact, much to the disappointment of the Carphone Warehouse, I'm sure, in every other age group surveyed (up to the age of 64, 'cause people older than that can't use mobiles of course...) respondents said they would rather give up their mobile phone than any other the other items! Well, that's not strictly true, as 25-34 year olds said that they'd sooner give up alcohol than their mobile...by 1%. Everything else was more important though.

So, for the vast majority of the UK population, tea, coffee, alcohol, sex and chocolate are more important than their mobile phones.

Nice job, Carphone Warehouse! I wonder how much that cost..?


Anonymous said...

As we all know, an indepedent survey can confirm, refute, highlight or downplay anything you want it to. Vic Reeves is often credited with the quote that 87.5 % of statistics are made up on the spot. You can quote A. Nonymous with the quote that "Any press release quoting independent research on behalf of a commercial organisation is complete and utter bullshit."

So why does the media continue to cover these polls, surveys and studies even though the findings are so spurious? Because Joe Public has been weaned on Big Brother, X-Factor, 100 Best Celeb Moments etc, shit for the past 10 years and doesn't give a fuck about whether a story is based on hard evidence or fact.

And while this sun still shines on the simpletons, PR agencies - such as the one that did the Carphone Warehouse research - will continue to make hay. And as I work for one of em, long may it continue.

Britain's Got Talent? Roll on the second series, 100 Best Celebrity Cancers? Commission it now, So You Wanna Be The Next George Michael? I'll be on Clapham Common with a bifter in my hand quicker than you can say "Careless Whisper"

Anonymous said...

no mention of 'car phones' then. Try going into Carphone Warehouse and asking for a car phone. See what the monkey behind the counter says....

Anonymous said...

no warehouses either

Anonymous said...

their office at park royal looks a lot like a warehouse.

my statistical sample of one person (me) confirms, i hate mobile phones. i hate phones in general. i want to go back to snail mail and carrier pigeons. but i am 40 years old.

my list:
- Sex
- Alcohol
- Coffee
- Tea
- Chocolate
...50,000 more important items in between then ...
- Mobile friggin goddam annoying pigdog phone
- Death

Anonymous said...

1) Research is pants. But agency bosses wheeled into important planning meetings can think of nothing else. Yawnsome.

2) Mobile phones are becoming increasingly pants. Yeah I wanna text when I need to, but don't phone me, like, ever. If I am not at my desk or at home I am probably busy. Old fashioned thinking perhaps, but I can assure you 90% of "PR EMERGENCIES" screamed into my mobile when I am busy are tripe.

3) Other people's mobile phones are even worse... last night when walking swiftly, keen not to be late I practically tripped over no less than 5 people, meandering around the pavement either texting or chatting. ITS RUSH HOUR PEOPLE... YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO RUSH!

Rant over.

PaulW said...

Anonymous 12.02 said:

"...I can assure you 90% of "PR EMERGENCIES" screamed into my mobile when I am busy are tripe"

If you were the editor of "Offal Weekly" those phone calls would be pretty relevant.

Anonymous said...

Funny how so many people like to have a rant about mobile phones but everyone has one. Ultimately to get things such as sex, alcohol etc mobile phones play a significant role. It's a lot easier to 'hook up' or meet up with mates with the convenience of moby. How about we stop whingeing and just accept mobiles are here to stay.